Real Safes, for Real World Protection!

Our craftsmen have manufactured fire rated safes since 1974.  Each safe is handcrafted and configured for your needs.  Don't be fooled by the cheap units sold at discount retailers, we build the most secure safes in the industry.
Quality and Craftsmanship

Only Security Products offers the proprietary deep recessed non-drillable key locking system. Recessed Locking System

There are a lot of gun safes on the market today that offer the appearance of security, but lack the real protection needed when the moment of truth arrives.  At that time, any money you might have initially saved by purchasing a lesser gun safe will be irrelevant.

A one time investment will provide a lifetime of security. Get the protection you need from the beginning, with a gun safe that is handcrafted using the very best materials available.  Our fire rated safes are thoroughly mig-gun welded by a craftsman, not robotically spot welded on an assembly line.

Give yourself the peace of mind that a "Security Products" gun safe can provide and take comfort in knowing that you have chosen the best fire rated gun safe on the market.

Endorsed by the Texas Rangers

"One riot, one Ranger"