Built-in Wall Safes

Secure Built-In Safes.

BOLT- ACTION Built-In Wall Safes. Built-In during construction, or remodeling of your home.

Choice of Three Locking Mechanisms
Recessed Key-Lock - Two independent locking systems, which control bolt movement.
Mechanical Combination
Electronic Combination
Fire Protection:
Single Fire - Protected to 1200 degrees, for 45 minutes, single gypsum fire rock lining.
Double Fire - Protected to 1600 degrees, for 45 minutes, two layers of gypsum fire rock lining, and 16 gauge metal inner liner.
Ceramic Fire - Protected to 2400 degrees, for 45 minutes, a Ceramic Blanket, a layer of gypsum fire rock, and 16 gauge metal inner liner.
Built-In Wall Safes Specifications:
Model: Built-In Wall Safes
Outside Dimensions: height: custom
width: custom
depth: custom
Weight: custom
Door: 1/4”
Body: 10 gauge steel
Cubic Feet: Custom
Collectors Interior: Custom
Sportsman Interior: Custom
Hooks: Custom
Trays: Custom
Plus Fire Lining: NA

All doors are available in Gloss or Textured Finish.