CLEARVIEW Armored Glass Gun Safe

CLEARVIEW Armored Glass Gun Safe
(Available in Key Lock Only)

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Introducing CLEARVIEW, the worlds first armored glass door gun safe, designed with the most advanced armored glass technology known to man.

              Glass Attack Video
             Glass Ballistic Test
             National Institute of Justice
               Standard 0108.01

The special high-tech formula used to create the 1 1/2  thick, high-impact glass material; provides ballistic protection up to a 223 FMJ, fire protection @ 1200 degrees for 30 minutes and is harder to break into than the steel it's self.

            Recessed non-drillable locks

   N.I.J. Level III Rated Ballistic Glass
   Requires in excess of 25,000
      pounds  of force to break open
   Locks can be opened in the dark
   Locks are protected with non-
      drillable manganese work-                hardening armor.    
   Internal hinged door with re-locker
   1200 degrees @ 45 minutes.
   Predrilled for anchoring
   Limited Lifetime Warranty

This safe is designed for the serious gun collector who also would like to display their collection in a den or office. With the internal illumination your guns or valuable collections are viewable through the security and protection of the 97% clear armored glass door.  All this without compromising security or fire rating.  Truly the most unique high security display case ever designed. (Pat. Pend.) All rights reserved.

CLEARVIEW 7242 Specifications:
Model: Clearview 7242
Outside Dimensions: height: 72
width: 42
depth: 27
Weight: 1075 lb.
Body: 10 Gauge Steel
Cubic Feet: 48
Collectors Interior: 57 Long Guns
Sportsman Interior: 35 Long Guns

Delivery 4-6 weeks



All Options Are Included:

  Internal Light Kit
  Internal Hinges
  Non-Drillable Locks
  Dehumidifier Rod
  5 Shelves
  1/4" Steel Door
  1200 Degrees Fire Lining
  Choice of Exterior Finish
  Choice of Exterior Color
  Choice of Door Swing
  Choice of Interior

Made in America