Quality and Craftsmanship
"The Security Products Difference!"

Founded in 1974, in the small town of West, Texas, we continue to construct each safe, one at a time, with careful attention to quality, and detail.

Each step in the construction process is rigorously inspected from the initial welding, of the highest quality steel vault, through the final steps of hand finishing.


The ultimate
protection through

  • Highest Quality Metal
  • Internal or External Hinges
  • Pre-Drilling
  • Fire Protection
  • Three Types of Locking Systems
  • Bolt-Action Door-Locks
  • Finest Quality Paint

Highest Quality Metal
We match each vault’s use and design with the perfect metal thickness, and use the highest quality steel in the construction. The vault is thoroughly mig-gun welded and the carcass is constructed with one continuous formed piece of steel, no seams.

Internal or External Hinges

External- Our most popular hinge, allows full door opening for easy access.
Internal- Available on all models except the Bandit, Hoss, Chaparral and Bolt-Action models. This hidden hinge gives a neat appearance, and provides a 90 degree opening.

Both designs offer the same degree of protection by including Internal Relocker bays installed on the hinge side of the safe.
We offer our customers a choice of Right or Left hinged doors at no extra cost.

All Material and Components are UL Rated

All safes are Pre-Drilled for bolt down, lights and dehumidifiers.

Fire Protection

Six levels of protection to meet your specific needs: All levels include hi-tech fire gasket on the door.

Single Fire - Protected to 1200 degrees, for 45 minutes, single 5/8"gypsum type X fire rock lining.
90 minutes, three layers 5/8" gypsum type X fire rock lining.
Double Fire - Protected to 1600 degrees, for 45 minutes, two layers of 5/8" gypsum type X fire rock
Ceramic Fire - Protected to 2400 degrees, for 60 minutes, a 1" Ceramic Blanket, a 5/8" layer of gypsum type C fire rock, and 16 gauge metal inner liner.

Door Fire Seal

Many low-end gun safes are sold without any door sealing at all. That's bad. Door seals are very important...

:: First, a good door seal will keep out moist air, dramatically reducing the risk of rust forming on your firearms and personal articles.
::   Second, in order to resist the heat, smoke, and flames of a fire, your gun safe needs to have a tightly sealed door and the absolute minimum of external holes.
::   Security Products' safes utilize heat-activated sealing strips all the way around the door frame. In a fire, the seal will expand to eight times its normal size, blocking smoke and heat from entering the interior.

Locking Systems

Proprietary recessed design features the most unique, and Burglar-Proof locking device in the industry. These locks are the Most Tool Resistant available on any gun safe.

Thieves armed with the latest drilling equipment, and an exact drilling template cannot penetrate our dual dead-bolt locks. Lock areas are protected with high manganese work- hardening armor. (The more they drill the harder the metal becomes.)

These locks are virtually impossible to pick, pry, punch, or damage. Laboratory tests have proven that our dual dead-bolts would require a force in excess of 25,800 pounds to break open. (Why our locking system?)

Sargent and Greenleaf

Combination Locks

The leading combination lock in the industry is available with our new
Bolt-Action Door Lock.

Electronic key pad locks are also available for ease of entry.

Both Manual Combination and Electronic locks are available in gold or silver. Maganol steel is always installed in critical parts of our doors to increase reinforcement and security.

Bolt-Action Door Lock
(Stainless Steel)

Many safe manufactures utilize 1 1/2" chrome bolts, which are not as secure or strong as our 1" steel bolts which we use in all our Bolt-Action door locking safes. This design has an extra heavy ¼” steel plate door. The locking mechanism uses a Rack-and-Pinion gear action to control the movements of our heavy steel bolts, which lock into the steel vault frame, and are controlled by a three or five prong spoke wheel.

Finest Quality Paints

Textured Paint Finish – Our standard finish highly durable textured paint.

High Gloss Acrylic Enamel Finish – Multiple coats of primer, hand sanded to a smooth surface, and painted with the highest quality automotive paint

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, Beige, Maroon, Blue and White, custom paint finishes available with customer provided PMS codes.

Silver or Gold accent pin-striping for trim and logos are available..

Custom paint finishes, logos, monograms, names and trim are available.