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First of all, I am 47 yrs. old and have never written a review or testimonial for any product in my life. I purchased my first real gun safe 8 years ago from Security Products near Waco, TX. In March of 2012, my house was struck by lightning totally destroying the home and everything inside. After the house was pretty much on the ground, the firefighters said that they had a little water left and asked me about the safe. When we went around the house, we noticed the safe was literally glowing red. They shot some water on the safe to cool it off. By the way, the safe was on an interior wall in the middle of the house which was not recommended. The next morning ,  after  some time and effort; we were able to get inside the safe. I was amazed to see that all the guns were intact along with many sensitive and impossible to replace documents which were on the top shelf. The ammunition was also ok. There was obviously some soot on everything inside, but the guns cleaned up really well. Looking at the outside of the safe, which was buckled and warped; one would never guess that the contents would survive the heat. Needless to say, when we finally get around to rebuilding; I will replace the safe with the Security Products Regency. The initial cost seems high at first but it is a small investment considering the stuff it saved that couldn't be replaced. To be conservative, it saved me over  $40,000. Some cheaper safes out there will protect you from theft, but in my case; I would have lost everything without one with a high fire rating. What it really boils down to is,  just how much is your piece of mind worth ?