(Available in Key Lock or Bolt Action)

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The gunslinger brings you versatility, in that you can have it in either a Dual Key-Lock, Mechanical Combination or an Electronic Lock version. This safe has a heavier steel body and a  thick steel door and is, of course, fireproof.
Gunslinger 24 Specifications:
Model: Gunslinger 24
Outside Dimensions: height: 60
width: 30
depth: 24
Weight: Key Lock: 600 lb.
Bolt Action: 700 lb.
Door: 1/4
Body: 10 Gauge Steel
Cubic Feet: 24
Collectors Interior: 26 Long Guns
Sportsman Interior: 18 Long Guns
Hooks: 8
Trays: 1
Plus Fire Lining: 125 - 300 lbs.

All models are available in Gloss or Textured Finish.

Sportsman                                                 Collector
All of these configurations are included with your safe.
As your needs change so too can your safe interior.

Made in America

Fire Ratings
1200/45 min
1200/60 min
1200/90 min
1600/45 min
1600/90 min
2400/60 min