Non-drillable Locks


Security Products Proprietary Deep Recessed
Non-drillable Locks
Available on both key-lock Only and Bolt Action Safes


99.8% of the time;
After the fire or burglary attempt, you will be able to insert your key and retrieve your prized possessions.
(can also be opened in the dark)

This is usually not possible with an electronic or combination lock.
Unfortunately, your electronic lock will have melted and run down the front of the safe or been beaten to a pulp by the would be burglar, this is true of the combination lock as well.


Key - Lock  recessed design features the most unique, and Burglar-Proof locking device in the industry. These locks are the Most Tool Resistant available on any enclosure or safe.

Thieves armed with the latest drilling equipment, and an exact drilling template cannot penetrate our dual dead-bolt locks. Lock areas are protected with high manganese work- hardening armor. (The more they drill the harder the metal becomes.)

These locks are virtually impossible to pick, pry, punch, or damage. Laboratory tests have proven that our dual dead-bolts would require a force in excess of 25,800 pounds to break open.